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What is wave energy? Waves formulate as wind blows over the surface of open water in lakes and oceans. Ocean waves comprise marvelous power. The benefits of wave power comprise sustainability, being free, producing zero waste, and being renewable. Thus, it can contribute to lessening our carbon footprint. It is also unique as it is the most concentrated form of renewable power on the globe, with energy density much higher than that of wind and solar power.

The theoretical yearly power potential of waves off the coasts of the U.S. is projected to be as much as 2.65 trillion kilowatt-hours or the equivalent of around 63% of U.S. electricity production in recent years.

The wave energy converter market is experiencing growth and is projected to reach USD 30.44 million by 2030.

What Is Wave Energy?

Wave power, also called ocean energy or sea wave power, is a form of power harnessed from the lake or sea waves. The severe vertical wave of surface ocean waves comprises a huge amount of kinetic (motion) power that is garnered by wave energy tech to do useful tasks.

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What Is a Wave Power Converter?

Wave energy converters (WECs) are instruments that alter the potential and kinetic power related to a stirring ocean wave into useful mechanical or electrical power. This power is the largest projected global resource form of ocean power.

Different types of wave energy converters


•Point Absorbers

•Oscillating wave surge converter

•Oscillation water column

•Overtopping/terminator device

•Submerged pressure differential

•Bulge wave

•Rotating mass

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