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The consequences of chronic inflammation are numerous, especially when it becomes a serious health problem. Nutritionist and creator of the Candida Diet Lisa Richards warn that it is not only a painful condition that can impact your overall health. This can result in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes but it can also impede weight loss efforts. As a result of inflammation, your metabolism may slow down.

You may be experiencing inflammation, and, as a consequence, weight gain, due to eating certain carbohydrates. To avoid inflammation and lose weight faster, we sat down with Richards to discuss white bread, pasta, and high-sugar cereals.

Bread made from white flour

Unfortunately, white bread is seriously bad for your health if you choose it over whole-grain alternatives. Besides causing inflammation, it also causes weight gain and obesity.

In addition to containing refined carbohydrates, white bread also lacks fibre and other nutrients, Richards says. Richards says refined carbs are the real killers since they’re extremely inflammatory and turn to sugar extremely rapidly, leading to a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Foods that cause inflammation are among the most dangerous. harmful. Richards warns that these ingredients can result in fatigue and brain fog due to their inflammatory properties. Low-level inflammation caused by refined carbs in the body leads to a host of health challenges, including cognitive decline.”

It’s especially bad for you if you are trying to lose weight if you eat white bread. The reason is that refined carbs quickly break down and are stored as fat in the body. Ouch! Wheat is a better choice.

A pasta dish

High-carb foods like pasta may promote or aggravate weight gain and inflammation.

The majority of the carbohydrates in our standard diets today come from highly processed foods like pasta. Richards claims that all of our standard diets contain more carbohydrates than our bodies require. “Even a lot of portions of pasta are enriched and processed today, which can cause inflammation, digestive issues, and ultimately weight gain,” says Ms Moher.

He warns consumers to avoid ‘healthy’ pasta made from whole grains or rice, as they can, too, cause inflammation and other health problems.

Overall, pasta is probably not a good choice if you’re trying to lose weight or avoid inflammation.

Cereals with high sugar content

Health complications, such as inflammation, can result from high-sugar cereals. Therefore, you might want to eliminate these breakfast foods from your diet – even the “healthy” ones.

Richards explains that many foods are made with refined carbohydrates that cause inflammation and become sugar rapidly in the body. It is therefore advised to check the ingredients and make sure there are no added HFCS, fructose, sucrose, caramel, castor sugar, sorghum syrup, invert sugar, evaporated cane juice, or agave nectar to be found in them.

The use of refined sugar contributes to inflammation and serves as a source of empty calories that hinders health goals, as well. Next time we go to the grocery store, we’ll remember that!

No diet is completely effective in the end. When it comes to reducing inflammation and adhering to a weight loss diet, you might want to consider eliminating these carbs from your diet.

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