What Is The Significance of the MOT Test?

The number of vehicles being purchased is increasing day by day and this has a direct impact on the eco-system. Apart from this, if there is any problem in any component of the vehicle then the road safety standards are also broken. In such a situation, to control this whole issue, DVSA had thought of making a program of checking vehicles from time to time so that many dangers can be prevented. MOT test reveals the issues forming in any component of the vehicle and the result is declared accordingly. If you get your vehicle serviced regularly then you can easily pass the MOT test. On this blog, we have answered one-by-one many questions related to Book Mot which car owners want to know. 

What Vehicles Have to Undergo MOT Test Just After One Year of Its Registration? 

Transport authorities have different rules for certain vehicles carrying more weight than smaller ones. It becomes mandatory for them to partake in their first MOT Test just after one year not three years like other vehicles. From the names given below, you will know which vehicles have to follow such rules.

  • Ambulances
  • Private Passenger Vehicles
  • Taxies

The MOT authority has set different rules and testing fees based on vehicles’s weight, size and responsibilities. 

When Should You Send Your Vehicle for MOT Test? 

First of all, when your vehicle turns 3 years old, it has to undergo MOT, and then after that, its MOT test is declared mandatory at an interval of 12 months. MOT certificate is valid only for one year, after one day of this period its value becomes worthless. Even if your vehicle develops a fault during the validity of your certificate, it will not affect the status of the certificate, you will still be able to drive your vehicle from one place to another. But this behaviour is also not appropriate, whenever you notice something wrong with the vehicle, you should always be proactive in sending your vehicle for service. 

How Will Defective Components Be Classified? What Will They Impact Your MOT Result? 

During MOT, if any problem is found with any part then the examiner will evaluate it in the following manner. Three type fault categories have been created— if there is a very serious problem that is not ignored even by 1% then it is put in the Major Issue category and it is said to fail the MOT test completely. A vehicle with this type of faulty component puts not only the driver at risk but also other people driving the vehicle. Many defects are found during MOT inspection which can be ignored without affecting the result. These types of problems are categorized as minor faults which should be reported so that you can pay attention to them and fix them. The DVSA has categorized the issues so that drivers can pay attention to them to keep their drivers in good condition at all times.

Is It True Some Different Type of Vehicle Are Not Forced to Take Part in MOT Test? 

Some vehicles do not need to go to an MOT centre as they already have been approved by the DVSA. These are classical vehicles that were bought from the showroom 40 years ago and have not had any significant modification in any of their basic parts for 30 years. The significant modification here addresses the technological transition and if this happens then it will be considered as a modern vehicle. MOT is optional for such vehicles, it does not mean at all that you should not send your vehicle for a routine check, you should always keep the condition of the parts of your vehicle fit. 

What Are the Negative Impacts of MOT Failure Certificates on Other Procedures? 

The MOT certificate given to you states that no defects have been observed in the vehicle during testing and other processes are also working smoothly. Like insurance and taxes, service charges are also getting cheaper and will remain until you get your car serviced and pass the MOT re-test. 

What Are the Genuine Charges of MOT Testing? 

First of all, we would like to tell you that each vehicle test fee is different, so it is not at all possible to answer this question in one line. For example, the checking fee for vehicles with Goods (over 3000kg up to 3500kg) is currently set at £58.60, whereas if you have a bike, you will have to pay £29.65. Remember, these fee tags can add up over time, so you should be prepared for this in advance. Remember, the charges mentioned don’t include repair charges, which means if any fault is found on any minor component during the MOT you will have to pay extra to have it serviced. For repairs, you are not obliged to go to the Same MOT Kempston where the test was done, you can take it to any auto workshop of your choice with good garage management service so that your vehicle can get service on time. 

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