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During the summer, not only does the face lose light, but acne can also appear on the face due to excess oil. In such a situation, ice therapy can not only heal the blemishes on your face but also brighten your face. Before applying ice cream to the face, you should know the correct method and time of use so that there are no side effects on the face.

Wake up each morning and take ice from your face, wrap it in a cloth or plastic bag, and then wipe it on your face. Wipe it gently and move it around your face clockwise. Bloodstream

: By placing ice on the face, the blood circulation in the skin stays good, it does not come with skin problems and you get a good shine from it. Faces also look natural pink.

forsake of acne: Ice massage can get rid of acne, first wash your face and dry it. Now massage the surface of the ice wrapped in a cloth or plastic bag, moving your hands in a circular motion for 10 minutes. By doing this every day, you get rid of acne. Swollen eyes

Many times the eyes swell due to the constant use of a computer or mobile phone. To relieve such swollen eyes, you need to massage the ice in your eyes, it will cool your eyes and you will feel fresh and also relieve eye fatigue.

ice cubes application procedure 

ice on the face, be sure to apply a maximum of two minutes of ice to the face. Also, massage your face with an ice cube for three to four days in the morning. It will give you innovation for a long time.

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